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About LoveMish

Artist // Designer
Curious Creative

I am Michelle, the curious creative behind LoveMish.
As an artist I play with pigment, water and chance to create playful abstract watercolour paintings, colourful patterns, detailed illustrations and fluid lettering pieces.

I began this work as a way to focus my creativity and give myself a challenge to paint frequently. Taking up this initial task of painting daily helped with my mental health. The combination of a daily practice, set limitations and no expectations really helped with the anxiety and motivation. I was able to explore techniques, to develop my skill by simply doing and I was pushed along by curiosity.

I have had a preoccupation with creativity all my life. From the early days of colouring in and drawing as a child to a Visual Arts and Graphic Design double major at university. I believe that creative and critical thinking is essential to progress. Creative thinking is problem solving it is seeing possibilities and discovering answers through constant trial and error. It is a continuous process of building on skill and knowledge to create something from nothing.

I am on a mission to explore, to discover and to problem solve through creativity. I want to bring attention to issues and throw all my passions in together to see what comes out. Translating climate data into patterns and art, using rain to create paintings, bringing old world craft skills together with contemporary design and tackling big issues with art. This is a collection of the results. Because is art really art if it is not shared and enjoyed?

I hope you enjoy my explorations. If you see something you like check out my shop for available prints.


Love Mish